Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Juice is Loose!

Just in case you were wondering...... This style has already been done, and there is no need for you to try and replicate it. You will never look as cool as these guys do. Their wheels are so juicy, my car would have flooded if they had opened their doors. And, YES, you guessed it! This beauty had hydraulics like you have never seen before & beats coming from the trunk that would rattle your world! I would be nothing less than disappointed if the theme wasn't carried through to the inside of this totally tubular ride. I am thinking Rainbow Louis Vuitton seat covers, dice in the rear view, and of course some gold chains and diamond teeth in the glove box. I couldn't quite see inside without looking like I wanted to hop in the back seat with these brothers, although I am sure that they were the absolute picture of Southern Gentlemen. HA! Oh, sorry. Guess I couldn't help that. I wonder what kind of price would come up if you scanned that bar code? Oh wait, I bet I could use my food stamps on this one. Hmmmmmm...... What I do know is that one of these guys is gonna be ticked when he finds tire marks on his doo-rag that is shut in the passenger door. This is the perfect situation for me to use my "gangsta talk" because, "Dees bruddas, day be ridin' durdy an cleen all at da sayn time, Yo"!

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